It’s been real, it’s been fun. Bloggers, its been REAL FUN.


Wrapping up my second semester teaching JMU’s oldest + only advocacy blog, ShoutOut! JMU. If you’re interested in reading about some of the highlights this semester from a student perspective, check out our Social Media Manager’s year-end re-cap:

ShoutOut! James Madison University

@wokewarrior here giving you this semester’s final act. This semester in ShoutOut has been monumental. We’ve accomplished so much this semester. From day one we have championed an unstopped force on this campus. Even from the first day of class we shook shit up. From walk outs on the first day to haters in our comments. We brought our energy to D.C. at the Women’s March and shared our support against sexual assault at this year’s V-Day. We have been on this campus for almost ten whole years- and we have done great work in the classroom, on our campus, and ultimately on the world wide web. It is our hope that the work that we have done this semester and every other semester, has found itself in your hearts and minds.

Here’s a !ShoutOut of the great work that we did this semester and promise to keep it going…

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